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8 Февраля 2011
About Captain Vanin and Marketing manager

Some time ago a friend of mine told me what had happened to his fellow man working at the marketing department of a well-known American company - soda water producer in Holland.

8 Февраля 2011
On a slow boat to China

Some days ago I bought a new CD of Ella Fitzgerald on which the well-known jazz standard “On a slow boat to China” sang by her was recorded.

2 Января 2011
The Ordinary and Terrible Story

A car moved across another car running along one of the city streets. The man who was driving the outpaced car became furious and struck with a violent desire to punish the offender who had boldly created an obstacle for him.

2 Января 2011

Not long ago I came across a topic published on one of the Internet websites devoted to the comparison of managers and leaders. I was very surprised by what I read there. How unhappy managers are!