Focus on Leadership

2020. RECAP

Alexander Kopylov


It looks like this year was stollen from all of us. We missed the most important component of our life – a free face to face communication with people.

The majority of us are working remotely and office visits was attributed with familiar things, masks, sanitizers, social distance. The full meaning of life during pandemia will come later on. However, there are results which is necessary to recall already. I am talking about my personal results of 2020. The total number of trainings is 43: 30 online and 13 offline. The important achievement is the adaptation my training to online format. It was done successfully. Thera are only other challenges for online format. The total amount of training participants is more then 850 people. The geography of my offline training work is very wide – Kirov, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Tumen, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow. I got new customers – Sberbank 1 Moscow, Bank Khlynov, PSB, APB.

And what about my personal results? I become second time a grandfather. Nothing can stop the flow of life even pandemia. Next year – a new book!