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11 января 2021
2020. RECAP

It looks like this year was stollen from all of us. We missed the most important component of our life – a free face to face communication with people.

13 сентября 2011
Hiring Salespeople: Pitch or Woo?

Dr. Wendell Williams, Ph.D., is Managing Director of He specializes in helping organizations develop job competencies, measure applicant skills, implement performance management programs, develop performance appraisal systems, make promotion decisions, and develop Web-enabled hiring sites.

5 сентября 2011
The Lord of the Birds of Prey

The word “Greifvogelpark” can be translated from German into English like Birds of Prey Park.
Park is situated close to a small Austrian village Telfes, located in the Stubai valley at Innsbruck. My wife and I have visited the Stubai twice and seen several times in different places small poster with an invitation to visit the park. And each time, for some reason the visit was postponed. Finally, during our third visit, I determined that we have to go there. And one day it happened.

31 марта 2011
Let’s Remember Vladislav Galkin

February marked one year since the death of Vladislav Galkin. I want to recollect this man.

28 февраля 2011
Destructive Emotions. How Can We Overcome Them? A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama. Daniel Goleman (Author)

When I was at the airport in Munich I came in a shop where newspapers, magazines and books were sold and quite by chance I saw and bought the book titled “Destructive Emotions. How Can We Overcome Them? A Scientific Dialogue with the Dalai Lama” by Daniel Goleman. Once again I realized that nothing happens by chance. I was destined to find this book and read it.